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Escrow Utility Demand

When you buy, sell or acquire a home or piece of property in Silver Springs it may or may not be in the SSMWC service area as determined by the Public Utilities Commission.

You should first check our service area map to determine if your parcel is served by SSMWC.   Properties not in our service area most likely are on a water well and septic tank system.  Your Realtor would be able to advise you on this.

Requests for final utility bill demands are accepted in writing only and may be faxed to our office at: 775-577-9166.  Please include the Escrow closing date so that we may calculate the final amounts owing and allow five (5) business days for a response,

A buyer of property should, as part of his or her due diligence, check with local utilities regarding eligibility for service.  Water service will not be transferred to a new owner until all outstanding debts owing SSMWC are satisfied.

SSMWC Rules and Regulations #1.44.030 expressly provides that service will not be restored until full payment for past service "for the property" is received.

Silver Springs General Improvement District/SSGID - Sewer Service

Please submit a separate demand request for sewer utility.  Water and sewer are billed separately in Silver Springs.
SSGID is a Lyon County Utility that SSMWC provides the billing and payment services only.

Separate remittances are required when paying water and sewer bills.  Make checks payable to:

SSMWC - Water
SSGID - Sewer
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