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How Do I?

Establish Water Service

An application for service for new or returning customers and all required deposits, plus a $30.00 service charge must be paid before service will be started at a location.  You may visit the water company in person to complete the forms  and pay your fees or a Water Service Application is available on this website.  The amount of deposit required will be equal to four (4) times the base rate of the regular billing period which is determined by meter size and if residential/commercial or industrial location.  A current list of  SSMWC Water Rates and  Fee Schedule are available at the office and on this website. 

Residential water saving tips: BE COOL - BE WATER SMART.

It's cold outside - time to winterize your home. WINTERIZING TIPS.

OWNERS GUARANTEE:  Charges begin when a service connection is installed and the meter is on, unless service is ordered to be left off.  Before water is turned on, the owner shall guarantee payment of future water bills.  The owner is always ultimately responsible to the Utility for the bills related to his or her property.  No service will be established, or re-established once disconnected, until the account with the Utility is current.    

Once all forms are completed and fees paid your water service will be activated within 2 business days.  Note: Someone must be present at the location when the water Technician is dispatched to start the service.

An application will not be honored unless payment in full has been made for water service previously rendered to the applicant by the SSMWC.  Applications may be rejected if an account of the applicant at any location is delinquent.  No service will be rendered to an applicant if they are attempting to receive water by misrepresenting for whom the water service will be provided.

Please review the New Customer Information sheet for additional information. 

****Sewer service may be started at the same time by completing the Silver Springs General Improvement District (GID) Application.  No deposit is required for sewer service****

Pay My Water Bill

Water payments are accepted at our office by cash, check or money order.  After hours and on weekends you may drop your check or money order payment (NO CASH) in the Drop Box located in our parking lot drive thru at the back of the building. Of course you may also mail your payment to: P. O. Box 285, Silver Springs, NV 89429.  Please make your check or money order payable to SSMWC (Silver Springs Mutual Water Company) and include your account number on the check or money order.  Also available is an online or by phone option with SOFTtelPay.  There is a reasonable service fee added to these options when paying.  You must have your SSMWC account number when paying by either of these options. 

Pay by Phone: 855-4-TELPAY (855-483-5729)  IDCode: 89429-11
Pay Online at:


Discontinue Water Service

If you would like to discontinue service, a signature is required to close the account.  This cannot be handled with a phone call.  Unless discontinuance of service is ordered, the customer shall be liable for charges whether or not the water is used.  The deposit on file will be refunded or credited to the account upon final billing.  Any balance due is the responsibility of the customer and payable immediately.

Vacation / Vacancies Disconnect

Owners of vacant properties may request to be billed accordingly as provided in the Fee Schedule.  There is a $30.00 fee per occurrence for vacation re-connections and a $5.00 monthly fee for vacation / vacancies.
The reason for implementing this $5.00 monthly fee is to precisely cover the costs of the required reading and checking of meters that have been placed on either vacation disconnect or vacant stand by.  Requests to remove meters from meter pits to avoid the nominal fee shall not be honored.  The $5.00 fee took effect for the billing issued June 1, 2015.

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